Welding service in sheffield

UK CNC LTD is a welding service for all industries, we can quote directly from drawings as per requirements for fabrication, combined with a sheet metal profiling service.

Our services 

  • Metal Profiling
  • welding and Fabrication 

and more…

With friendly service and short lead, times. UK CNC is committed and reliable. Plus there is no minimum quantity on any inquiries. 

UK CNC LTD offers a MIG welding service, we can weld a diverse range of metals. from mild steel to titanium ( DC TIG).

 We can weld with any filler material that is required by the specification. This includes welding for mild steel abrasive resistance steels stainless steel and stainless steel. In addition to this more exotic materials such as titanium and Inconel.

See a full list of specified materials below that we can weld.

UK CNC LTD is a compact manufacturing facility. We approach the fabrication industry with a unique perspective based on quality and output, UK CNC LTD is proven to be effective for many companies that are looking for more automotive manufacturing facilities that can be subcontracted elsewhere. 

UK CNC LTD is heavily focused and invested in automation. It is in our name CNC computer numerical control, we look to identify key areas of automation to continually increase output for demand whilst maintaining quality. Most of our machines’ full automated welding and fabrication is made in a house with an oversight of our small team of engineers to develop and maintain machines that produce quality components. So in summary, if you require higher output than the previous month’s demand we can fabricate more machines to keep up with your demand. Supporting your performance.

welding service