Sub-contract Manufactuing based in the UK

Sub Contract you product Manufactuing need with UK CNC, We are a trusted supplier of good and services. This includes Manufactuing and assembly of your products. 

Though recent events of the covid 19, has shown how unreliable Manufactuing Abroud is. And this is why UK CNC has a wide rang of British made manufacting services services. 

Sub contract services we offer

- Metal work

- Steel Profiling

- Welding and Brazing

- Plastic Injection Molding

- Powder Coating

- Assembling

- And More...

Proudly supporting British manufactuing

With UK CNC its simple, we are made in Britian. We have been a reliable source of Manufactuing and assembling services all the way though the covid pandemic and have kept companies delivering their products to their customers.

Companys in the UK have been reliant on sub-contracting work out to other Magor world economies, but have ultimately been let down though lac off quality and speed. UK CNC has British made machines with qualified engineers and have shown the industry what UK CNC is capable of.    

Work with UK CNC

The Latest Tech

We continue to invest in cutting technology to give our customers the best quality.

No Minimum Quantity

We can take your projects to the next level, that is why we can take care of your one-off prototypes. 

Precision Parts

With UK CNC you get minimum accuracy of 0.1mm on every profiled part.