Looking for metal profiling service in Sheffield UK?

Our sheet metal profiling service in Sheffield is a great solution for manufacturing components out of thick steel.  The machines we have plasma cutting heads with high definition. making for a progressive manufacturing solution to meet your specifications.  

We can cut from 1mm to 20mm of steel, this is ideal for where lasers can not perform. Our cutting methods allow us to plasma cut clean and vertical, with a smooth surface. That can be directly welded or painted on to.  

We can offer you a manufacturing solution perfect for sheet metal profiling service Sheffield UK, Our team of engineers has spent time developing an accurate and clean cutting service. The cutting tool being plasma.  

Our machine cuts material vertical and clean, with up to 20mm of cutting power and a minimum of 0.1mm accuracy.

We can cut the following:

  • 20mm mild steel
  • 20mm carbon steel
  • 20mm stainless steel

This sheet metal profiling service is ideal for making custom metal boxes, fixtures, automotive components, and more. 

Plus, If you require additional services. We can outsource services to trusted specialists, Welding – Brazing – Powder Coating or Bending. so we can be your one-stop-shop for your manufacturing requirements.

Want to get your profiles cut, send us your drawing of files to get an instant quote today. 


Drill & Tapping​

Need even stricter tolerance on holes and Clearance?


Save time on secondary processes, we can make sure your profiled parts are weld ready.


Need stricter tolerances on material thickness, we can surface grind parts to within 0.01mm. 


we can undercoat and powder coat profiled parts to your choice of colour.


We can silver solder or weld an array of profiled parts. saving manufacturing time.

Frequently Ask Questions

Well, unlike most companies we aim for a minimum accuracy of  0.1mm, this is achieved thanks to our small team of engineers that build our machine and have full over site of the development of our metal profiling service.

As long as its conductive, basically any metal can be cut, including silver, brass, and titanium

With mild steel, we can cut 20mm

At UK CNC we hate delays. So as soon as we have all the requirements from the customer and have paid in full, we start the processes immediately. And can start from 1 day to several days depending on the quantity.