Drilling & Tapping Service in Sheffield

We can drill & tap holes of any size starting from 1mm! 

Need even stricter tolerance on holes and clearance?

No problem, we can take care of every requirement. We can drill and tap after the steel has been profiled with our post-manufacturing techniques.

We can drill holes from 1mm and tap these holes with metric, BSW and imperial taps. Making your parts bold ready out of the box upon receiving them. Reducing manufacturing time.

With strict measuring equipment, we can drill with an accuracy of 0.01mm on the placement of the holes. So as long as the drawings are correct there should be no problems with bolting your newly cut and drilled parts to your projects.

This is ideal for making aftermarket car parts or complex machinery with moving parts and more.   

Contact our team if you require these services.


Metal Profiling​

Steel profiling service for all types of steel


Save time on secondary processes, we can make sure your profiled parts are weld ready.


Need stricter tolerances on material thickness, we can surface grind parts to within 0.01mm. 


we can undercoat and powder coat profiled parts to your choice of colour.


We can silver solder or weld an array of profiled parts. saving manufacturing time.