UK CNC was established in 2020 providing a unique metal profiling service, we continue to invest in technology and shorter lead times.

Who We Are

UK CNC specializes in sheet metal profiling in Sheffield, UK.  UK CNC was established in 2020, To provide a metal profiling service that’s modern and fast pace. For a service that can be relied on, given the advancement in this fast-paced industry, you need a profiling service that keeps up with the latest technology. 

To keep quality as the top priority. We don’t just invest in machines, We make our machines and people. Working together with our small team engineers and  designers we fabricating our machines that offer superior cut quality and accuracy. shop bought metal profiling machines don’t meet our design criteria. We have engineers with knowledge and experience in a variety of industries.    

This means we have oversight of the entire processes, machine building, profiling, and final finishing processes. has a positive effect on vertical and clean-cut edges with no sig zag marks on the cut face. And with the use of shielding gas, we can produce parts that can be welded directly, reducing time-consuming secondary processes.

Combine this with drilling, tapping and other servivices. makes us an idea for manufacturing your projects from start to finish.

We have the capability of cutting through 20mm mild steel, with the latest plasma profiling machines. Plasma cut materials include Stainless steel ( 304, 316, and more ) all grades with the same cut quality, mild steel, structural steel, silver, and more. The material cutting thickness will depend. If your material has not been listed feel free to contact us.

With friendly service and short lead, times. UK CNC is committed and reliable. Consider us for taking your projects to the next stage. Plus there is no minimum quantity as we value every project and want to support your requirements.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our services, telephone lines are open 24/7.